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Hawaiian judge and terror sympathizer betrays America

U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson has grossly abused the power of his gavel.

Honolulu, Hawaii -- So-called U.S. District Judge and terror sympathizer Derrick Watson betrayed America and put American lives at dire risk on Wednesday by issuing a restraining order that prevents the Department of Homeland Security from fulfilling their God-given responsibility of protecting the American people.

Meanwhile, radical Islamic terrorists around the world are celebrating, according to the best, most reliable sources. These terrorists are really bad dudes who will stop at nothing to kill and murder innocent Americans, including beautiful, blonde American children.

These beautiful, beautiful, blonde children are likely to be the first targets of the terrorists who will arrive on our shores just after midnight.

Watson is reported to have flunked out of grade school. His ruling will absolutely not stand up on appeal. It is the most heinous exercise of judicial overreach ever.

U. S. District Judge Theodore Chuang in Maryland has also issued a pathetic ruling that reveals his total lack of spine. He is as un-American as they come, and as of press time, his birth certificate has still not been made available.

All of the best constitutional scholars agree that President Donald J. Trump has absolute authority to suspend immigration in the interest of national security. He has promised to take this case "as far as it needs to go", and he intends to win so hard.

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