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FBI Director Comey to Congress: Leaks threaten national security

Washington D.C. -- FBI Director James Comey testified before the House Intelligence Committee today that leaks pose a grave threat to national security. NSA Director Admiral Michael Rogers enthusiastically agreed, indicating specifically that unmasking individuals endangers national security.

The individual in question here is Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor, who resigned on February 13 after his identity was disclosed in connection with a trivial foreign relations issue. The disclosure was a federal crime, as Flynn's identity in this connection is protected by federal law.

Flynn's unmasking raises significant questions, according to the exceedingly competent and handsome White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer: "How does that happen? Why was [Flynn's identity] put out in the public? Who was behind that kind of unmasking? What were the motives behind that? What else do we need to know?" What else indeed.

Some say an obscure shadow government is responsible for the threats to national security.

The Intelligence Committee, clearly concerned about the source of the leak, asked Comey whether then-President Obama knew of Flynn's activities, but Comey refused to answer. He did confirm that "senior" officials in the Obama White House had access to this classified information, and that the leaking of classified information had been "unusually active" lately.

Comey cautioned against drawing conclusions from his inability to deny Obama's involvement, but while doing so, he winked with both eyes simultaneously, clearly implicating the former president, whose hatred for America is well-documented.

While some Fake News outlets may refuse to report on Obama's involvement for now, they may be unable to ignore the facts for long -- Comey assured the Intelligence Committee that these criminal leaks will be pursued to the full extent of the law.

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